Burnt Orange Games

Our debut game: City Center

A fast city-building game for two to six town planners

In City Center, the hand you draw up front is all you get, so you choose your moves wisely. You could steer the city towards small mom & pop shops or invest in heavy manufacturing. Place apartments next to a park or make them listen to the fire station all night. Decide whether you want mills or malls. And how do you react to your fellow planners' decisions?

City Center is easy to learn and simple to play, but has enough strategy to satisfy hard-core gamers. If you like Carcassonne, you'll probably like this game.

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KeepScore, a free score-keeping web app

Need to keep score but don't have pen and paper handy? KeepScore to the rescue. In any modern browser or mobile phone, this will let you keep score for any board, card, or party game. Simply add players and then push the button to increase or decrease their score.

KeepScore is open source and available on GitHub. Burnt Orange Games would love to have your improvements — feel free to submit a pull request.

Works great with City Center!